Fundraisers walk to St James' Park raising cash for defibrillator after death of Bobby Swinney

  • Bobby's grandson Kieran Swinney

A man who walked to the spot where his late Grandad suffered a cardiac arrest says he would have been "looking down with a tear in his eye".

Bobby Swinney died after suffering a heart attack outside St James' Park on his way to watch the Magpies play Manchester City last December.

40 of his friends and family have walked the seven miles from his home in Jarrow to the Newcastle United stadium, raising nearly £6,500 to buy new defibrillators.

Bobby's grandson Kieran said he hadn't visited the spot since his Grandad died, but that his friends and family wanted to "take his favourite journey, which was from his home in Jarrow to St James' Park, helping people along the way.

"That's why we're raising money for Red Sky Foundation, to buy the defibrillators."

"You'd wish that they'd never need to be used. But the hope is that they're there, in case they are needed, and that could save a life. That's the goal."

Bobby Swinney with Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer Credit: NUFC / Family Photo

The March for Bobby has so far raised £6,200 for local heart charity Red Sky Foundation, enough to buy three defibrillators.

The hope to put one of them near the spot outside St James' Park where Bobby suffered a cardiac arrest, another in his home town of Jarrow.