CCTV shows killer Keegan Barnes buying crisps after leaving friend dying on floor

  • CCTV footage shows the last time Toni Butler was caught on camera as she walked down an alley, as well as Keegan Barnes buying crisps from a shop after leaving her friend to die.

A Teesside woman was caught on CCTV buying crisps after leaving her friend bleeding to death at home.

Keegan Barnes, 28, stabbed 25-year-old Toni Butler twice in the leg with a kitchen knife at her house in Vulcan Way, Thornaby, on 10 June 2021.

Footage shows Barnes walking across her street to a local shop at the same time her friend was dying or already dead.

She took her friend's bank card and tried to buy a Lotto scratchcard with it. When the card was refused, she left with a packet of crisps instead.

By 12:45am, paramedics had found Toni dead on the floor.

The second time Barnes stabbed her friend, Toni's posterior tibial vein was severed, meaning she had slowly bled to death.

Toni Butler Credit: Gazette Media Company

A pathologist said that she would have survived if an ambulance had been called earlier, but instead, Barnes hid blood splashes on the walls by painting over them.

Barnes claims that Toni was "fine" and "walking about", and that she had asked Barnes to go and buy her more alcohol from the shop.

Footage released by Cleveland Police also shows the last time Toni Butler was caught on camera as she walked down an alley.

Barnes claimed she needed to buy sanitary products from the shop. She also claimed that Toni ate the Space Raiders she bought, but the post mortem was unable to determine this.

Barnes says she then went to sleep on the sofa - after a three-day drugs binge, she said she needed sleep.

Keegan Barnes Credit: Cleveland Police

But paramedics found the washing machine was in full spin, a bottle of bleach with bloody imprints on it was found upstairs and blood-stained clothes were found in a carrier bag on top of the cooker and in a pan outside the bathroom.

As forensic scientist Michelle Walton testified "there had been a clean-up operation" going on in Keegan Barnes' house.

Barnes even claimed that Toni got up and helped clean up some of the blood.

Toni Butler suffered catastrophic blood loss some time between 4.17am and 12.30pm.

Barnes is now starting an eight-and-a-half-year jail term after being found guilty of manslaughter.