Snow to hit parts of the North East this week after sunny spell

Hikers at Limestone Corner walk along a snow-covered Hadrian's Wall near Hexham, Northumberland.
Hikers at Limestone Corner walk along a snow-covered Hadrian's Wall near Hexham, Northumberland in February 2021. Credit: PA

Springtime snow is expected to fall on parts of the North East this week just days after temperatures reached unseasonable highs.

Parts of County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and North Yorkshire are forecast to see sleet and snowfall in midweek, with temperatures due to drop below zero at nighttime, leaving a frost.

The chill will perhaps feel colder after the warmth of last week, which saw temperatures nearing 20C in some areas of the region.

According to the Met Office, the change in conditions is taking place as the high pressure - which has been responsible for the dry and mild weather of last week - shifts out to the south, introducing colder Arctic air from the north.

"This will bring with it the risk of unsettled conditions for many from Wednesday, with a likely smattering of wintry showers in many parts of the UK," they warn.

"The highest of any accumulations will be on the high ground of Scotland and northern England," they continue.

"Maximum temperatures are likely to drop to single figures in many places, with some freezing temperatures overnight."

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong says people will feel a "marked shift" in conditions, which will likely last "for much of the week".

“Temperatures will drop as cold air sweeps south with single figure maxima for most places from mid-week, and bringing with it the unsettled weather that we’ll see for much of the week," he said.

"Some clear spells are still around later in the week, with the best of any sunshine likely to be in the south later in the week.” 

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