Barber thief caught after leaving fingerprints on tip jar

Criminal Karl Hogg was jailed for 15 months Credit: Credit: Northumbria Police

A thief has been jailed for 15 months after raiding a barbers in Sunderland and leaving his fingerprints on the tip jar.

On the night of 10 January, Karl Hogg stole eight pairs of hair clippers from Jimmy’s Barbers, worth £120 each.

He even smashed open the staff’s tip jar, which was eventually his downfall when forensic services found his fingerprints.

Hogg's fingerprints were found on the smashed tip jar

The 33-year-old was already serving a suspended sentence for a break-in at the Comrades Club in Houghton.

He had cracked the club’s TV in a failed attempt to get it off the wall.

Credit: Northumbria Police

Hogg denied the burglary but was but was convicted by magistrates in South Tyneside last month.

On Tuesday, he appeared at Newcastle Crown Court and was jailed for 15 months.