Long queues outside Newcastle mosque as cost of living crisis takes a toll on Ramadan

Prayers at Newcastle Central Mosque. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Long queues to receive food donations have formed at a mosque in Newcastle, as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan gets underway.

The Imam at the Newcastle Central Mosque says demand for food and resources have increased because of pressures created by the cost of living crisis.

During Ramadan, many within the Muslim community spend the hours of sunrise until sunset fasting and then break their fast with a meal. This meal is often eaten with family or the local community.

Video from Newcastle Central Mosque

There's now growing concern that many Muslims might struggle to get through Ramadan this year, because of an inability to afford the food to break the fast.

The charity Islamic Relief says they estimate the Muslim community is falling into poverty 10 times faster than other communities, with food banks and charities seeing a rise in demand - especially from asylum seekers.

Imam Abdul Basith at Newcastle Central Mosque said they are "doing the best they can to meet the demand and help as many people as possible" through their monthly food donation point.

Cost of Living: What support is available to people in the North East

Community pantries

Community pantries provide groceries at a lower rate than shops and supermarkets.

Community pantries offer access by memberships, where for a small weekly contribution, members receive food to a significantly higher value.

Several pantries organise activities and provide a wraparound support services and social interaction for those who are isolated.

Further info on Community pantries:

People’s Pantry

The Pantry Foodbank

Life Vineyard Church Byker Community Pantry

Newcastle West End Foodbank

Walker and District Foodbank

The Trussel Trust Foodbank

CDW Foodbank

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Energy bills

There are several UK charities and companies that offer free advice on how to save energy.

Simple steps could knock pounds off of your bills.

Some can also offer advice if you can't afford your bills.

Who can help:

Your Homes Newcastle

Experience Energy UK

Citizens Advice

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Debt advice

There are many charities and firms that can offer advice if you are in debt.

Some of them include:

Money Advice Newcastle East

Community Money Advice

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