Covid fines: 'Zelensky fought alongside his citizens in time of crisis, Boris laughed at us in ours'

A woman from Sunderland has called on Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to step down after they were handed Covid fines for attending a party during lockdown.

Susie Crozier-Flintham's father, Howard Crozier, died of Covid in 2020 during the first lockdown. She told ITV News Tyne Tees: "I am furious. I am livid and I am more worryingly not surprised because I knew this was coming, but I am absolutely disgusted that the leaders of this country can break the law with impunity and seemingly get away with it.

"They’ve apologised because they’ve got caught and the fact of the matter is that they wrote these rules.

"They need to resign. It’s absolutely untenable that people in positions of power have broken the law and remain in office. It’s absolutely disgusting."

Howard Crozier, who had dementia, contracted Covid-19 whilst in hospital and was forced to die alone due to the restrictions at the time.

His daughter had to drive to and from his funeral with limited mourners allowed to attend - again due to the restrictions.

She said: "I will never forget what I saw and how Covid destroys a person. How it destroys their body. How it makes them seem small. How it takes away their personality. How it diminishes them and then he died completely alone with no-one to hold his hand."

Boris Johnson has apologised "unreservedly", but has rejected calls to resign. Rishi Sunak released a statement on Tuesday night saying "I know people sacrificed a great deal during covid and they will find this situation upsetting. I deeply regret the anger and frustration and anger caused and I am sorry", but again refusing to step down.

North Yorkshire MP Sir Robert Goodwill defended his Conservative leader and Chancellor, telling ITV News: "A leadership contest is not what the party needs right now, due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The Chancellor and Prime Minister should not resign."

Susie Crozier-Flintham rejected the Ukraine argument, stating: "The UK is not at war with Russia. We do not have boots on the ground in Ukraine. When we were actually fighting a war in World War Two, we did replace our leader because we got rid of Chamberlain.

elensky donned fatigues and got into the trenches to fight alongside his citizens in a time of crisis. What Boris did to us in times of crisis was look down on us and laugh at us."