Northallerton man who attacked woman's relatives with axe sentenced to eight years in prison

Mug shot of axe wielder Thomas Marshall, who was sentenced to 8-years in prison earlier this week at York Crown Court
Credit: North Yorkshire Police

A man who waged a campaign of abuse against a woman and came at her relatives at their own homes with an axe has been sentenced to eight years in prison at York Crown Court.

Thomas Junior Marshall, 26, from Northallerton, was sentenced for seven offences, including aggravated burglary, stalking and criminal damage.

During one incident he smashed a terrified man's windows in with an axe and then chased him upstairs. The 59-year-old man had to barricade himself in a bedroom, with Marshall putting the axe through the door.

The victim's son bravely tried to calm the criminal down and reason with him, having seen his dad running to find safety. When the police arrived they found Marshall sitting calmly in a chair and arrested him.

In a related incident, Marshall became aggressive and abusive towards a woman, making unfounded accusations towards her, before turning his anger on two of her male relatives.

Marshall also vandalised a van owned by the woman's neighbour with offensive graffiti.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Nicola McQue, welcomed the sentence. She said: “I am pleased with the sentence handed down to Marshall, it reflects the seriousness of his actions. His victims were terrified and scared for their lives on the night he tried to attack them with an axe.

“I am sure that the actions of the man’s son who tried to reason with Marshall helped to calm the situation and prevented serious injury that night.

“Marshall made wild and unfounded accusations against the woman, her relatives and her neighbours.

"His anger got completely out of control which has ultimately resulted in him being deprived of his liberty. I hope he gets the help he needs while in prison to ensure he is no longer a danger to anyone else.”

As well as being sentenced to eight years in prison, with a possible extension of four years, Marshall was also ordered to pay a £190 victim surcharge - going to organisations helping people on the receiving end of crime - and has been forced to forfeit the axe.