Case adjourned for Northumberland man accused of killing his terminally ill wife in Cyprus

  • Video report by Katie Cole in Paphos, Cyprus

The case of a Northumberland man accused of killing his terminally ill wife in Cyprus has been adjourned until 16 June.

The decision has been made so more evidence can be gathered in David Hunter's case by defence and prosecutors.

The case will be heard in front of three judges, who today (18 April) said Mr Hunter must be remanded in custody due to the severity of the alleged crime.

Following his arrest, Mr Hunter gave two statements to the police, the court heard.

In them, he told police: “Janice had told me I don’t want to live anymore. I held her nose and mouth for about to 10-15 minutes and she passed away.

David and Janice Hunter had been together for 56 years. Credit: Family photo.

"I killed her to save her. I don’t regret it. I want her to rest.”

Mr Hunter's wife Janice had terminal blood cancer. She was found dead at the home they shared in the village of Tremithousa in Paphos on 18 December, 2021.

Mr Hunter hasn’t seen friends or family for 103 days following Janice’s death.

Barry Kent, a friend of Mr Hunter, had travelled out to Paphos for the hearing. He said today: "It was very difficult. It was nice to see him and be there for him. Hard work emotionally.

"He needs the support and I am here on behalf of everyone. There’s so much support for him. It was worth coming.

Barry Kent at court today.

"I'm a little bit shocked they haven’t had the medical reports yet. Now it’s been adjourned. I’m guessing this is going to be first of many if we get to a trial proper.A plea to reduce the charge of murder against Mr Hunter has been rejected.

In a letter to the Cypriot Attorney General, lawyers for Mr Hunter said it was not in the public interest for the 75-year-old to go on trial for murdering his wife. The letter recommended assisting suicide as a more appropriate charge.