Darlington exotic pet shop begins hunt for snake owner after slippery getaway

Coast to Coast/PA
Coast to Coast in Darlington and a corn snake Credit: ITV/PA

A Darlington resident was given a fright after discovering a snake slithering outside their home.

The corn snake was found on Bowman Street and was taken to exotic pet shop, Coast to Coast on Monday.

The animal, which can grow to be up to five feet long, is said to be doing okay.

Staff are now appealing for the owner to come forward to retrieve the pet, which could have been missing for months.

Kevin Stevens, owner of Coast to Coast said: "It is quite a hardy species.

"Someone might have lost it six months ago. It may have been out all winter.

"Although it's likely it was lost recently."

Corn snakes are a common household pet, which despite their length, can fit in the palm of a hand.

Kevin reassured, "They are completely harmless. There has been no risk to people in Darlington."

Having been open for nearly 30 years, the shop often gets contacted to help people with animal queries, but Kevin admits it's "not very often you get these kinds of calls".

Anyone who can help reunite the animal with its owner are being encouraged to get in touch with the shop.