Woman gets stuck head first behind a sofa at North Shields Easter bottomless brunch

  • Video credit: Julie Jackson

A woman who got stuck vertically upside down behind a sofa in a Tyneside restaurant has been telling ITV Tyne Tees how her brunch took an unexpected turn.

Lindsay Clark was celebrating her friend Julie Jackson's birthday at the Twelve Twenty Five Restaurant on North Shields Fish Quay when she got wedged upside down.

At the time she was attempting to retrieve a jacket that had fallen down the back of a sofa when she lost her footing and ended up head first behind the furniture for about 10 minutes.

During that time two employees of the restaurant attempted to free Lindsay by tugging on each leg.

Lindsay said "I knew they were all videoing us, but it was when I was wedged in I was like, 'What the hell's going on?'

"Then when they mentioned the fire brigade, that's when I was panicking, like 'God this is going to be so embarrassing, get us out'"

She continued: "Thank god for the jumpsuit. I possibly wouldn't have jumped over if I had a dress on... I just didn't think!

"I just tried to grab it and it slipped out my hand and obviously I couldn't stop myself, but once I been stuck in it I've obviously tensed myself up and that's obviously how I've wedged myself."

Despite going viral, Lindsay says she's not too embarrassed to go back to Twelve Twenty Five.

She said: "I love going down there, so definitely... as long as they'll have me back!"

Since sharing the video, Lindsay's friend Julie has got nearly two million views and over 14,000 comments.

Julie said: "The staff were all lovely, they could have been funny about it but they were really nice.

"It's not a birthday I'll forget."

She continued: "I didn't expect to get that reaction, Lindsay finds it hilarious, it's just a bit of laugh, she always wanted to be famous although I don't think this is how she expected it to happen."