More than 800 referrals made by NSPCC about child abuse and neglect in the North East

The NSPCC has made more than 800 referrals about child abuse and neglect in the North East last year.

That is an average of around two cases a day.

In the North-East, between 1 April 1 2021 and 31 March 31 2022, the NSPCC helpline made referrals on the following topics:

  • Neglect - 304

  • Physical abuse - 251

  • Emotional abuse - 127

  • Sexual abuse - 112

  • Online sexual abuse - 11

Analysis by the charity estimates that half a million children suffer abuse in the UK every year. 

Across the UK last year, the Helpline made 22,983 referrals to agencies about children thought to be experiencing abuse and neglect - an average of 63 children a day.

This includes concerns about physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, sexual abuse online and neglect.

10 June will mark national 'Childhood Day' which will raise money and awareness for the NSPCC.

The child protection charity is asking people to play their part to help keep children safe from abuse - whether that is by fundraising, donating, volunteering at a collection, or taking action.

The NSPCC is urging anyone with concerns about a child, even if they're unsure, to contact the helpline to speak to one of the charity's professionals.

You can get in touch by calling them on 0808 800 5000, email or fill in the online form.