Ashington man jumped Newcastle Crown Court dock and assaulted security staff has been jailed

The 24-year-old jumped from the dock and ran from the courtroom at Newcastle Crown Court, where he assaulted a member of security staff. Credit: NCJ Media

A man who jumped over the dock while appearing at court and went on to assault security staff has been jailed.

George Henry McDonald was at Newcastle Crown Court on the 16 February for common assault and causing actual bodily harm. Yet, after being sentenced to 16 months in prison, the 24-year-old jumped from the dock and ran from the courtroom.

He went on to assault a member of security staff, and grab an officer by the neck before being restrained.

McDonald from Castle Terrace, Ashington, was sentenced for contempt of court for the incident on Wednesday 20 April via video link from HMP Northumberland, where he admitted the event.

Mr Hudson who was defending Mr McDonald said there was "no hesitation" in his admission and that he apologises for the minor injuries officers sustained.

He also detailed the defendants mental health issues including ADHD and said "He was upset because there are certain people who would like to say hello to him in prison. That's why he jumped the dock. It was a short outburst, it was not planned or deliberate."

Nevertheless, George McDonald was sentenced to nine months behind bars, which will run consecutively to the 16 month prison sentence given to him in February.

In his sentencing remarks Recorder Ian Mullarkey said the incident was a "serious episode" He added: "Having been sentenced, you moved away from the dock officer, jumped over the dock, and moved towards the court clerk as you tried to find your way out. You fled from the courtroom followed by the dock officer. You were aggressive towards him and tried to punch him.

"You made your way downstairs where you were encountered by a second security officer and you barged him into a wall.

"The dock officer detained you and you punched him in the ribs. More security officers restrained you but you freed an arm and wrapped it around an officer's neck until you were further restrained."