Northallerton mum vows to continue campaign for 'Leah's Law' despite government knock back

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A mother from North Yorkshire who is campaigning to change drug laws says her fight continues - despite initial opposition from the government.

Kerry Roberts' 15-year-old daughter Leah Hayes, died in 2019 after taking MDMA in a park.

Now, her petition which calls for tougher sentences on those dealing drugs to children has been knocked back. The government says it has no current plans to make changes, as there are existing offences for supplying drugs.

Kerry told ITV Tyne Tees "I'll fight this... I will fight this because I want this and it needs to happen."

For the last three years, Kerry from Northallerton has been campaigning for 'Leah's Law' and managed to gain 10,000 signatures on the Parliamentary petition, meaning the government has to respond.

The Home Office said: "Protecting children from harm is a priority for government. However, as existing offences already apply for drug supply, we have no plans to make it a specific offence to supply a child with drugs.

"Given supply to a child under 16 is covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act, the Government does not have any plans to create an additional, specific offence."

Kerry says she is 'not surprised' by the government's stance, but says she has wide support and plans to carry on with her campaign.