'Take a picnic, not a BBQ': Wildfire warning for Northumberland due to warm and dry weather

Visitors to the Northumberland countryside are being urged not to take BBQs with them with the risk of wildfires 'very high' due to current weather conditions.

The warning from Northumberland Fire and Rescue service comes as firefighters continue to tackle a fire at Fourlaws Forest near Sweethope Loughs.

The fire started on Friday, with six engines deployed to stop the fire from spreading to nearby wind turbines. Northumberland Fire and Rescue say no properties were at risk from the fire and that crews worked through the night to bring the fire under control.

Roads around the area were temporarily closed, although they re-opened on Saturday.

On Sunday, Northumberland Fire and Rescue confirmed engines had been resent to the area to deal with the ongoing fires.

A spokesperson for Northumberland Fire and Rescue said: "We have re-established the water supply up to the scene of the fire, which is affecting approximately 180,000sqm of standing trees and moorland.

"The public are asked to stay clear of the area.

"This is a reminder for members of the public to act responsibly when out and about enjoying our beautiful county."

Posting on social media, the fire service added: "The current weather conditions make the risk of wildfire very high and we urge those wishing to enjoy our beautiful countryside to take care and do so safely. Take a picnic, not a BBQ."