Yorkshire pudding fan goes viral after Teesside man shares his piled high plate on TikTok

Jake can eat up to 20 Yorkshire puddings in one sitting. Credit: Jake Farrar @littlejaffas

A Yorkshire pudding fan has gone viral after sharing his love of the food on the social media platform TikTok.

Jake Farrar has always loved Yorkshire puddings, but it was the number the 25 year old had on his Sunday dinner that attracted peoples attention.

The Middlesbrough dad has a family TikTok @littlejaffas which documents family life, and the video of him eating 20 Yorkshire puddings now has over 1million views.

The video was the idea of Jake's mother in law Tracey, who thought people who find it funny seeing the difference between Jake's portion sizes and his family's.

Pairing it with the song 'Cool for the Summer' by Demi Lovato for the social media video, Tracey said the video went 'crazy.'

The Teesside dad admitted being capped on the number of Yorkshire's he was allowed as a kid as "otherwise I'd fill my plate with them."

Now Tracey said she buys a pack of 10 just for him, and then a bag for the rest of the family.

When talking to ITV Tyne Tees, Jake who was with Tracey said "I've got my work dinner here"

(Tracey)"Yorkshire puddings with Jam, and you've got cream as well haven't you...I've brought them to work for him."

Jake also admitted to trying a Yorkshire pudding on breakfast!

As for the perfect Yorkshire, Jake reckons he makes a pretty good one saying the secret is using garlic salt in the batter.

Jake can eat up to 20 Yorkshires in one go Credit: Jake Farrar, @littlejaffas

Having gained a number of followers since uploading the video, Jake and Tracey said they are going to continue documenting their everyday life but with more Yorkshire pudding content.

Jake said: "We have gained a few followers, so we're going to keep some of our content for them if that's what they expect when they keep coming over to us."

"Keep watching as we've a lot more coming and we have lot's more to offer than just Yorkshire puddings."