Local election results: Labour hold onto Sunderland and Conservatives keep North Yorkshire... just

Labour kept control of Sunderland, and three councils on Tyneside, as the first local election results came in. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Labour kept control of Sunderland, and four councils on Tyneside.

The Conservatives narrowly won the majority in North Yorkshire with a result that was much tighter than expected.

Hartlepool remains under no overall control, while the Liberal Democrats and Green Party made some gains elsewhere in the North East.

Sunderland - Labour hold

Labour kept control of Sunderland City Council, as they have done since the authority was formed in 1974. 

Their majority was under threat after significant losses in recent years, but they lost just one seat at this election.

Labour's council leader Graeme Miller held onto his seat in Washington South after a strong Conservative challenge.

The Liberal Democrats gained further ground.

Councillors post-election:

  • Labour 41 (-1)

  • Conservative 18 (-1)

  • Liberal Democrats 14 (+2)

  • Independent 1 (0 - no change)

The election in the Copt Hill ward, near Houghton-le-Spring, was postponed after the death of a candidate.

Labour will be defending the seat.

Graeme Miller, Labour Leader of Sunderland City Council

Anthony Mullen, Leader of Sunderland Conservatives

North Yorkshire - Conservative hold

The Conservatives just about secured a majority in North Yorkshire, with a result that was much tighter than expected.

The newly-elected councillors will serve for 11 months on North Yorkshire County Council, then for four years on the new unitary authority, which will take over from the existing county and district councils in April 2023.

Councillors post-election:

  • Conservatives 47

  • Labour 12

  • Liberal Democrat 12

  • Independent 13

  • Green 5

  • Other 1

Hartlepool - no overall control

Hartlepool Borough Council remains under no overall control, with the Conservatives strengthening their position as the largest party.

They are likely to continue to run the council in coalition with the Hartlepool Independent Union.

Councillors post-election:

  • Conservative 15 (+2)

  • Labour 11 (0)

  • Independent 10 (-2)

Ray Martin-Wells, President Hartlepool Conservative Association

Gateshead - Labour hold

Labour still have a large majority on Gateshead Council, with the Liberal Democrats gaining a little bit of ground.

Councillors post-election:

- Labour 51 (-1)

- Liberal Democrats 15 (+2)

- Independent 0 (-1)

Newcastle - Labour hold

Labour comfortably held onto control of Newcastle City Council, with very few seats changing hands.

Nick Kemp is taking over from Nick Forbes as the council leader, after the latter was deselected in his ward.

Councillors post-election:

  • Labour 51 (-1)

  • Liberal Democrats 21 (+1)

  • Independent 6 (0)

North Tyneside - Labour hold

Labour maintained their resounding majority on North Tyneside Council. 

They and the Conservatives swapped one seat each.

Councillors post-election:

  • Labour 51 (0)

  • Conservative 9 (0)

South Tyneside - Labour hold

Labour kept hold of their big majority on South Tyneside Council, though lost four seats. 

The Green Party continued to build their presence.

Councillors post-election:

  • Labour 41 (-4)

  • Green 6 (+3)

  • Independent 6 (+2)

  • Conservative 1 (-1)