New documentary celebrating classic British film 'Get Carter' being made

The gangster film was released in 1971. Credit: DPA/DPA/PA Images

It is a British classic and, perhaps, the most famous film located in the North East. Now a new documentary is being filmed about "Get Carter," exploring its impact, legacy and enduring popularity.

The feature will speak to its stars, fans, and the next generation of filmmakers who have been influenced by the film.

The 1971 movie, which stars Sir Michael Caine, tells the story of Jack Carter, who returns to the North East to investigate the death of his brother. It features many regional locations, including the Newcastle quayside, the High Level Bridge and the County Durham coastline. It was directed by Mike Hodges and produced by Michael Klinger.

Michael's son Tony, himself a film producer, is working with two directors on the documentary entitled "Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic."

He told ITV Tyne Tees, "I think the reason the film has endured and remains iconic is because it's a very good film and because it sums up a time and an attitude of our country unlike almost any other film.

"The people that made it, my father, Mike Hodges, Michael Caine, were basically young men. Caine and Hodges were both 36, 37 years old.

"My father was just coming up to 50. And when they made the film they were all three working class boys... and they summed up our country and our attitudes, as they were changing, at a time that otherwise no film was doing. And so it had a resonance and an endurance that other films don't have."

As well as its importance on screen, Get Carter also helped - and continues to help - the region's economy.

Karen Goldfinch, Chair of the North Tyneside Business Forum, says the film paved the way for more TV and film opportunities here, "It's 50 years ago and I think, perhaps, would we have had the film and media industry that we have now? And all the spins offs from that? Because obviously it's not just front of screen. We've got all the actors, that sort of side of the business. But all the back end as well. You've got your crew, your catering, the make-up, the props.

"There's such a huge industry now in our area. And, apart from the locations, where else could you go and see what we have on our doorstep in the North East? It's a fantastic place to come and do some filming."

Get Carter has also recently undergone a 4K restoration, via the British Film Institute (BFI), for theatrical and home entertainment release. An exclusive screening and Q&A is taking place at Newcastle's Tyneside Cinema tonight (Saturday 7 May).

The documentary is due to be released this autumn.