Teesside Airport scrapping London Heathrow route 14 months after it was reinstated

The Heathrow route was relaunched in March 2021 Credit: ITV News

Flights between Teesside International Airport and London Heathrow are being scrapped just 14 months after they were reinstated.

Loganair began the service in March 2021, with two flights a day from Sunday to Friday and one morning flight on Saturdays.

However, the operator says a recent increase in Heathrow’s take-off and landing fees has led to a significant increase in costs.

Both the airport and Loganair say global oil prices affecting the cost of aviation fuel has also added to the route becoming unviable.

Services between Teesside and the capital will end in two weeks.

It also spells the end of the Teesside to Southampton service, as it cannot be accommodated on the remaining Loganair aircraft.

London Heathrow is a major international hub Credit: PA

Kay Ryan, chief commercial officer for Loganair, said: "I am extremely disappointed that Loganair will no longer provide a London Heathrow service due to rising costs, and completely understand the decision taken for all the reasons outlined.

"Customers affected by the cancellation will receive either an alternative routing if applicable, or a refund should they prefer that option.

"Those customers who booked their Heathrow travel via one our code share partners will receive any applicable alternatives direct from the airline they booked with, and not Loganair.

"We thank Teesside International airport for their support over the last 12 months, and looking forward to continuing our excellent working relationship."

One of Loganair's aircraft was named 'Spirit of Teesside' Credit: TEESSIDE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

Passengers booked to travel to Southampton will be offered alternative flights or a full refund while Heathrow passengers will be offered a full refund.

The Tees Valley Mayor, meanwhile, has blasted what he calls Heathrow’s 'ludicrous move', which he says will impact the Government’s Levelling Up agenda.

The airport hiked the fees charged to airlines by 37%, resulting in an 'impossible' charge of £30.19 per departing passenger.

Ben Houchen said: "This is daylight robbery, and it is disgraceful that Heathrow is attempted to line its own pockets at the expense of not just those passengers who regularly used the service but at the expense of everyone living in the region.

"This decision shows its disregard for regional connectivity and how Heathrow has turned its back on the North by pricing out regional airport connectivity.

"This short-sighted and ludicrous move to make a fast buck at the expense of northern passengers has had a huge impact across, which is clear to see as airlines are piling on the pressure on Heathrow to reverse its decision. 

"Unfortunately, even if this is successful, it is too little, too late for this service but I am delighted that Loganair remains a committed partner to Teesside Airport."

The Heathrow route is seen as a vital link for Teesside's regeneration Credit: PA

A Heathrow spokesperson said: "Heathrow has a strong track record of supporting and investing in domestic routes. That's why five of the ten busiest UK domestic routes already fly through Heathrow.

"Since 2017, we have discounted our charges for domestic flights and we continue to do so this year even though we have lost over £4bn during the pandemic.

"Over many months, we have had extensive engagement with Mayor Houchen's office and Teesside officials to discuss solutions to help support this route.

"While Loganair's decision is frustrating for us all, it is not from a lack of effort by Heathrow. We remain committed to seeing Teesside Airport connected with Heathrow."