Marske United star wins Wembley Golden Ball after scoring more FA Cup goals this season than Ronaldo

A non-league football player for Marske United has scored more goals than anyone else in FA competitions this season.

Adam Boyes has scored 11 goals over the season, which is more than Mo Salah or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The top-scorer is being awarded a golden ball at Wembley on Saturday (14 May) as part of the FA's 150th anniversary.

On top of that, Adam is leading the teams out before the FA final - marching onto the pitch ahead of like Virgil Van Dijk and Mason Mount.

For PE teacher Adam, it is a dream day out, he said: "It's a great achievement, I never expected it to happen.

"You watch the top scorer list go up every round and you see yourself near the top and you see people get knocked out and you think, 'I might have a chance here' and I think I've won it now unless Sadio Mane scores 8 or 9 in the final."

Sadio Mané slides one home in the semi-finals against Man City, capitalising on a goalkeeping error. Credit: PA

Adam will have family with him at Wembley saying: "It's going to be surreal... It's going to be a great day no matter what. I just hope it's a great game and we all have a good day."

While Adam's family may be heading down to the capital, he has plenty of supporters in Redcar and Cleveland.

Pupils at his school, Hemlington Hall Academy near Middlesbrough, think he's great, telling ITV Tyne Tees:

"I'm glad he gets to walk out the teams on Saturday. I'm really proud of him. He's a really good PE Teacher as well," said one.

"Well he's really good at scoring goals, he's like a machine," added another.

"He's just a brilliant PE Teacher and he'll be able to teach us them sorts of skills too."

The achievement is an amazing honour for Adam and for Marske United as well.

Bob Ryan is the Community Officer from Marske United FC, he said "Unbelievable isn't it that somebody from non-league can be up there, above your Ronaldos, above all your top players, and there he is.

"It's very nice for the club that you've got your very own piece of the FA Cup final this weekend."

He added: "When everyone's tuning in on Saturday, they can see Adam Boyes walking out, representing Marske United and all of Marske really and the North East."

With Adam's help Marske United beat Stockton in the Northern Premier League playoff Final, and they'll be rubbing shoulders with the likes of South Shields and Whitby next season, at the third level of non-league football.