'Best day ever' as Bruno Guimarães gives shirt to boy after Newcastle’s win against Arsenal

Little Noah burst into to tears when his hero Bruno gave him his match shirt. Credit: Noah's mum Lauren

It was a big day for five-year-old Newcastle United fan, Noah, as his team geared up to play Arsenal in front of sellout crowd at St James’ Park

After an electric match on Monday, he was delighted to see the Magpies round off a remarkable first year under new ownership with a 2-0-win, but things were about to get better.

Match goal scorer and Noah’s hero, Bruno Guimarães, spotted the little lad on his lap of honour.

Out of the 49,000 home fans at St. James’ Park that night, the midfielder approached Noah from Wallsend, and handed him his number 39 match shirt.

His mum Lauren said: “My little boy keeps saying it was the best day ever and he still can’t believe it happened to him!"

Noah couldn't wait to tell all his friends from school

She continued: “My little boy is only 5 years old and just has so much love for Newcastle. I’ve never know a 5-year-old like it! Everyone we meet says the same thing.

“Following a 2-0 win my little boy was on such a high! We’ve been taking him to a lot of the home games where we’ve been trying to get close down the front for the last little bit of the game and we’ve never been allowed but my goodness Monday was different!

“The steward was so lovely and allowed us to stand right at the front where Noah continued to sing his little heart out clapping away."

Noah sung his heart out as the Mags played Arsenal at home on Monday

As the players walked round the pitch for a momentous lap of honour, Noah cheered them on.

However, he couldn't believe his luck when his shouting and cheering caught the attention of Newcastle's Bruno Guimarães.

Lauren said: “Bruno looked at his girlfriend who also looked across at Noah and then Bruno started to walk towards us!

“He climbed over the advertisement boards and came straight over to Noah rubbing his head and handing over his top saying ‘there you go son’.

"It was that moment Noah just burst into tears in total awe that he’d just received his idol Bruno’s top!"

Bruno apologised to Noah's mum Lauren for making him cry and she assured him they were happy tears.

Noah's mum says it was a wholesome moment they will treasure forever

The mum of one said: “He continued to shake some people’s hands around us and then jumped back over the boards walking back to his girlfriend who was still looking at us saying ‘aww’.

“It was a wholesome moment which we will treasure forever!

“The tears continued the full way home and even the next morning! When he got up for school and saw the top hanging there he had a little cry again.

“For the biggest littlest Newcastle fan, he will never forget that moment and he is desperate to meet Bruno to say thank you!"

Noah said he "couldn’t believe it" and was excited to tell all his friends at school.

Lauren said: “When you ask what he wants to be when he grows up he always says a Newcastle United player.

Noah wants to be an NUFC player when he grows up

“This experience has encouraged him even more to practice whenever he can so his dream can become a reality just like this one!

“He always has a football at his feet and every minute is practicing his skills and his shooting.

“It has definitely made him love football and Newcastle even more!"