Ten-year-old Evie Hodgson from Whitby celebrates being 'cured' from rare blood condition

Evie smiles for the camera as she celebrates what her mum Tina described as "the best news". Credit: Family photo

A ten-year-old girl from North Yorkshire and her family are celebrating after blood results show that she is 'cured' from a rare blood condition.

Evie Hodgson, from Whitby, was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia - or bone marrow failure - in May 2020.

Two years on and Evie and her family have been given the "best news" they could wish for from doctors.

Evie's mum Tina announced the news on Friday 27 May on their Facebook page Everyone Needs a Hero - Evie's journey.

She said: "Yesterday was hospital day for Evie and when her very cautious consultant comes out with 'those blood results are as normal as normal can be' my stomach started doing cartwheels.

"I then asked the question 'is Evie classed as cured' and in a nutshell YES SHE IS!!!!

"This really is the best news!"

Aplastic anaemia is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body stops producing enough blood cells, leaving sufferers fatigued, prone to infections and uncontrolled bleeding.

Only about 30 to 40 children are diagnosed with it each year, according to the NHS.

Evie's own experience with the disease made national headlines when her life saving donor pulled out at the last minute.

She then went on to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant in January 2021.

Evie Hodgson on her tenth birthday - just days before being told she is 'cured' from a blood condition she has lived with for two years. Credit: Family photo

The latest good news came just days after Evie's tenth birthday - though her mum said the road was not over for the family.

Tina added: "Evie still needs to attend hospital regularly for at least the next five years to monitor her new bone marrow.

"Also, the conditioning treatment and radiotherapy pre transplant can cause long term side effects so that will be monitored also.

"But, It's time to celebrate.

"We did it baby girl and have come out stronger at the other end! Now let's live life!"

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