Jubilee showing of Bishop Auckland's historic spectacular Kynren a 'fitting tribute to Queen'

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Kyrnen's special Jubilee performance takes place this weekend. Credit: PA

A special showing of County Durham's historical re-enactment pageant is being staged this weekend in a tribute to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Some 1,000 volunteers are putting on Kynren, the outdoors night-time show which romps through 2,000 years of English history in 90 minutes - with Queen Elizabeth featuring centre stage in the firework-lit finale.

The event in Bishop Auckland features bloody battles with the Romans and Vikings, Norman invaders, civil war and world wars, industry and entertainment, and three queens - in addition to the reigning monarch.

A special show on Friday night (3 June) kicks off Kynren's seventh season.

Speaking after a dress rehearsal, show CEO Anne-Isabelle Daulon said: "It meant a lot to us to bring forward our usual summer season and have a show that would coincide with the coronation of the Queen 70 years ago.

"The finale is the coming together of all the all the cast members that have been on stage throughout the show.

"And it's a celebration of coming together which is also the meaning of this adventure.

"And we do that under amazing fireworks. So, what's not to like?"

Performers take part in rehearsals for the live outdoor show Credit: PA

The show creator wished that the Queen would enjoy the show if she came to see it, adding: "I hope she would take it as an expression of gratitude for a life of service.

"We celebrate what is best in the country and we hope to put a smile on people's faces, giving them the opportunity to reflect and to actually feel really proud.

"So, hopefully, she would like it.

"It's a very fitting way of celebrating the Jubilee and Britishness, and this weekend is all about communities coming together.

"It's about being positive, being proud and feeling that this is what the nation does best. So, I think it encapsulates Kynren."

Local people put on the show, either performing or hosting visitors, after receiving professional training.

The open air shows are performed beneath Auckland Castle and features everything from daring horse-riding, waddling ducks and flaming arrows to a Norman longboat, the Beatles and the Spice Girls.

The jubilee show will be is followed by performances every Saturday night in August and the first two in September.