Passenger reports 'audible groan' on plane as flights from Newcastle Airport diverted to refuel

No flights were cancelled but eight were diverted. Credit: PA

Flights from Newcastle Airport have had to be diverted to refuel due to supply issues.

The airport apologised for the "limited disruption" caused when eight aircraft, from various airlines, had to stop en route refuel on Monday morning (6 June).

A spokesperson for the airport suggested problems with supply occurred between fuel suppliers - which have contracts directly with airlines - and their haulage companies.

No flights were cancelled and the issue was resolved by "early" morning when deliveries resumed.

One of the diverted flights was to Lanzarote, which had to refuel at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire.

According to holidaymaker Gavin Peterson, passengers let out an audible groan when the captain announced the "unusual" delay.

"The pilot just started to announce the flight time, saying it was a bit of a peculiar one today," he told ITV News Tyne Tees.

"He says: ‘We have to fly to East Midlands because Newcastle Airport’s run out of fuel. We need 14 tons to get to our destination and they’ve only given us two’.”

  • Mr Peterson describes the disruption to his journey.

Mr Peterson estimates that the flight left Newcastle half an hour late, spent 30 minutes at East Midlands and ultimately arrived two hours late.

"On the scale of things, it’s not a massive problem but it was just a bit unusual we had to do that," he added.

"We’ve got our vests on and we’re ready to go and get some lunch now.”

A spokesperson for Newcastle Airport said: "Due to temporary issues with the supply of aviation fuel to a number of airlines, we experienced some limited disruption to flights from Newcastle Airport this morning.

"Each airline has a contract with a fuel supplier, who then contract fuel deliveries to haulage companies.

"We have been working with all parties to minimise the impact of this disruption and the issue is now resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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