Should Partygate be the end for Boris Johnson? - ITV asks the people of Hartlepool

If a week is a long time in politics, how long is a year?

Just over a year ago, Boris Johnson visited Hartlepool after the town voted Conservative for the first time in almost half a century, greeted by smiles and elbow bumps from most he met.

But 12 months on, the political landscape is a far bleaker place for the Prime Minister.

After months of Partygate turmoil it was announced that at least 54 of his own MPs submitted letters demanding a vote of no confidence be held to determine Johnson's future as leader.

Just two MPs in the North East and North Yorkshire have openly stated they will vote to oust the Prime Minister - MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough Andrew Jones and York Outer's Julian Sturdy.

Many more have said they will not be among the 180 needed to trigger a change of leadership. MP for Hartlepool Jill Mortimer today published a long post on Facebook explaining 'Why I'm backing Boris'.

"He delivers on the priorities of Hartlepool and the Tees Valley, and in my view, remains the best leader for the country – so I will continue to back Boris," she said.

But on the streets of her constituency, the response was less resounding.

Some said they no longer trust the PM and feel Partygate has distracted from important issues.

"I don't trust him to be honest," one lady told us. "It's time he goes and things move on."

Others, however do not want to see a change of leader in Number 10, citing Brexit, a lack of clear replacement, and the feeling that Partygate has been blown out of proportion.

"There's MPs fiddling expenses... and they're complaining about him having a few pints," a man on the seafront said. "Good on him I say."

The vote is being held between 6pm and 8pm and the votes will be counted immediately afterwards. The result will be made public at 9pm.