Work 'well underway' on new £70m Tyne and Wear Metro depot in Newcastle

Nexus pic
The depot will house 46 replacement Metro trains made by Stadler. Credit: Nexus

Metro bosses say progress is gathering pace on the project to build a new £70m depot for replacement Tyne and Wear Metro trains.

The first new carriage will arrive at the site in Gosforth, Newcastle, later this year.

The depot is aimed at a more sustainable future for the system, and will accommodate the 46 new trains being made by Stadler.

The new fleet is designed to be 15 times more reliable than the current model and cut energy consumption by 30%.

Now that the second phase of the depot project is complete, and sections of line to serve the facility have been installed, the next step of the six-stage process will be to demolish more of the old depot building - which dates back to 1923 - by October 2022.

Stage two has seen three more new sections of line installed to accommodate the fleet. Credit: Nexus

Michael Steiner, programme director, Newcastle from Stadler, commented: "With the first new train set to arrive in Newcastle at the end of the year, work is well underway to build a modern, fit-for-purpose, technologically sophisticated facility, with a focus on sustainability.

"It has been future-proofed to enable it to function effectively for the duration of Stadler's 35-year contract, which sees us prioritise local people, local goods and local services."

Head of fleet and depot replacement programme for Nexus, Michael Richardson, said: "We are delighted at the progress that is being made on our new £70m Gosforth depot, which will be a modern new home for the new Metro trains.

"In a few weeks’ time we will start to see more of the old depot building pulled down as we continue the transition to these modern new facilities – which herald the start of a bright future for the Tyne and Wear Metro."