Northern School of Art student’s work exhibited at world-famous Pinewood studios

The exhibition is entitled ‘Script to Screen’. Credit: The Northern School of Art

Costumes made by students at The Northern School of Art are being exhibited at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Script to Screen’, is on display in the Picture Gallery within Heatherden Hall at Pinewood.

Costumes by The Northern School of Art students. Credit: The Northern School of Art

The student’s work was spotted by the head of Pinewood Studios during a visit to see the newly completed Northern Film Studios, which are located near the School campus.

He then invited the production design and costume graduates to exhibit at Pinewood. 

One of these is Cindy Ng who created an intricately detailed Chinese costume featuring feathers and sequins inspired by Chinese royalty.

Chinese costume inspired by Chinese royalty. Credit: The Northern School of Art

Production Design Senior Lecturer Tony Shaw says: "It was such an exciting opportunity that we couldn't ignore.

"The models on show are an area of study we particularly wanted to celebrate as it is often overshadowed by the professional large-scale build projects we do, which is our programme's unique feature. 

"I am so proud of the outcome.

"The Picture Gallery is an area which is visited by executives and staff of the many varied film companies who are working at Pinewood Studios and this exhibition has had an extremely positive reception." 

Pat Chapman, Vice Principal for Employability at The Northern School of Art says: "I am delighted that these talented students from our Stage & Screen faculty have gained the chance to display their work in the Picture Gallery at Pinewood Studios.”