York businesses hit by the knock-on effects of RMT Union rail strikes

Businesses in York have reported heavy losses as a knock-on effect of the RMT Union rail strikes.

Significantly fewer trains are arriving at York station this week, with LNER, Grand Central and Cross Country all offering reduced services to varying degrees.

Northern Rail has cancelled all routes to the city.

Fewer trains means lower footfall for businesses, and a local commerce leader has said that on a sunny Thursday afternoon, hospitality and tourism is taking a heavy hit.

"Hotels across the city are reporting incoming cancellations this week," said Adam Wardale, Chair of Hospitality Association York.

"One of the larger hotels in the city I was speaking to earlier in the week has already seen a loss of £40k on the back of these strikes."

Businesses, particularly hotels, bars and those aimed at tourists, are still recovering from successive Covid-19 lockdowns.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning the country to "get ready to stay the course," fears have risen that a summer of strikes may be around the corner.

"This is the first summer after Covid," continued Mr Wardale, "And really the recovery for this industry is resting on this summer."