Meet Sunderland TikToker who's putting the North East and its history on the map

Kathrine Taylor has always been passionate about North East history, but is particularly interested in the past of her home city Sunderland. Credit: Hype That PR

A young woman from Wearside is putting North East history on the map through her social media, which has gained a global following.

Sunderland-born Kathrine Taylor set up the account North East Nostalgic last year and has gained over three million views and more than 90 thousand likes on TikTok alone.

TikTok is a social media platform where users can post quick video clips to their followers. Ms Taylor's page shares historic and fun facts about the region.

Some of her top performing posts have included a post about a WW1 U-Boat which was shipwrecked at Roker Pier, a post about the Stadium of Light being haunted and a clip on North East coal hatches.

Over the Jubilee weekend, the number of people following North East Nostalgic rose by 500 after Ms Taylor's Nana Flora shared her memories of the Queen's Coronation.

Ms Taylor said: “I’ve always had an interest in history, I spent a lot of time growing up with my grandparents looking at photos and hearing their stories.

"Beamish has always been one of my favourite places to visit and my interest in history has grown even stronger over the years."

The social media creator added: "My first post was about Hylton Castle, a building I’d walked past all my life and it’s just really grown from that first post.

"I’ve visited to some fabulous locations and spoken to amazing people and it’s so important to keep the stories alive.

"TikTok, which is a relatively new platform, is a great way to do this and reaches so many people.”

North East Nostalgic has now started collaborating with historical venues such as Lumley Castle, and has worked with local author Glenda Young who sets her novels in Sunderland during the middle of last century.

Glenda Young said: "Kathrine has a passion for local history, combined with her unique ability to connect with her followers in such an immediate way.

"After I first met her, I was inspired to set up my own TikTok account. I now use it to celebrate my historical novels set in the North East."

Ms Taylor receives hundreds of comments on her videos with people sharing their own "heart-warming" memories of the North East.

She said: "It’s absolutely key to keep history and the stories alive for generations to come.

"Through utilising TikTok as a platform to showcase these snappy history facts I also really hope it will encourage a younger generation to engage with their local history more in a fun and interactive way too.”

You can find North East Nostalgic on TikTok here.

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