Meet the police officer who has run 30 half marathons in 30 days

  • Watch the moment Jackie completed his 30th half-marathon

A police officer has spent June pounding the pavements, clocking up hundreds of miles running to support a charity which helps his family.

Ian Milbourne - a PC with Northumbria Police, who is known as 'Jackie' - has run a half-marathon every night for 30 days around the Northumberland countryside.

This is a total of 393 miles for someone who only took up running in January.

He is carrying out the challenge for Amy and Friends - a charity which offers life-changing support to children living with Trichothiodystrophy (TTD).

This rare genetic condition affects so few people around the world that when PC Milbourne's 10-year-old son, Cameron, was diagnosed several years ago, he was only one of around 200 people with an official diagnosis.

Jackie says his body has "adapted" during the challenge

Jackie explained the condition affects his son's body and can leave him needing to use a wheelchair.

The charity provides funding for families affected by the condition to travel for treatment in London and organises events where they can meet others in the same situation.

He added that it was Cameron's idea for him to take on this challenge and he was joining him for the final 100m.

"For the first week the legs were very sore but the body adapts," Jackie said.

"The hardest thing to do is get yourself up in the morning and get yourself read.

"Once you get down here and get yourself in that mindset again it has been okay and I have managed to get through it."

He suffered from heatstroke during the challenge but kept on going through it. He joked: "[I was] not wanting to face the prospect of having to do 26 [miles] to catch up."

"He is regarded as a hero day and night"

He set off from Wylam each day running to Ovingham via Prudhoe and then back. So far he has raised £5,600.

On his final run he was joined by two colleagues, one of whom told ITV Tyne Tees that Jackie had inspired many other people in the force.

"We knew he would do it but he has done it every day with no qualms," he said. "He is an absolute inspiration."

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