Family 'destroyed' by killer teenagers' brutal attack on devoted dad-of-two Danny Humble

Danny Humble was described by his parents as a "beautiful, happy and contented person, loved and respected by all". Credit: Family photo

A grandmother has spoken of the moment her "life turned black" as she learned her beloved son had fallen victim to a brutal and fatal attack by a group of five teenagers.

Deborah Humble's 35-year-old son Danny died from catastrophic injuries a day after being set upon by the teens in Cramlington, in Northumberland, in May last year.

The five teenagers, aged 18 and 17, were convicted of the father-of-two's killing at Newcastle Crown Court on Tuesday 5 July.

Paying tribute to her son, Mrs Humble said his death had destroyed the family and her life had "turned black" on 29 May, 2021.

“Danny had dropped his children off, then seven and five years old, for a sleepover, he and his partner were going on their first date since lockdown restrictions had eased," she said, recalling their last moments together.

“Danny and the children were laughing, singing, and joking together. They were talking about the plans for the next week – half-term.

“He kissed and hugged us all and gave a wave and left, then jokingly came back for another wave and smile.

“Hours later police were at the door and my memory just turns to black after that.”

Deborah Humble reacts to the conviction of her son's five killers

Mr Humble had been on a night out enjoying a meal and a drink with his girlfriend on the night he was attacked by the teenagers, then aged 16 and 17.

A trial heard he came across his killers in an underpass where they joked he resembled one of the television stars Ant and Dec.

A violent attack followed in which he was punched, kicked and stamped on - leaving him with catastrophic injuries which he died from in hospital the following day.

'The ripple effect of his death has rocked the community'

Mrs Humble added: “We lost a devoted dad, someone who always saw a positive in any negative.

“He loved music and films and his beloved Newcastle United was never far from his thoughts.

“His family, friends and his work colleagues are devastated. The ripple effect of his death has rocked the community of Cramlington.

“Danny’s death has destroyed us all in different ways. For me, he was my first-born, my son, my friend, a piece of my heart.”

Danny Humble was "loved and adored by his heartbroken children" who were aged seven and five when he was killed. Credit: Family photo

'He was loved and adored by his heartbroken children'

Mr Humble's father, Vaughan, said: “We are a family incomplete, we are in the dark.

“One of the mainstays of our family and a guiding light has been cruelly snatched from us in dreadful circumstances from which we will never ever recover.

“There is a void in our lives and an emptiness that continually aches and tortures us.

"A once proud, fun loving and gregarious family has become withdrawn, reluctant to laugh and enjoy life, apprehensive of the pity that we continually see from others.

“Danny was loved by so many. Not only by the inner circle of his immediate close family but also by wider relatives, a multitude of friends and by work colleagues.

“He was caring, loving and compassionate and this was reciprocated by all.

“Above all, he was loved and adored by his heartbroken children. Danny thrived in their presence and showed his true colours as a very proud, caring and doting parent.

"The catastrophic impact of the loss of their Daddy will stay with them and have a real bearing forevermore.

“In Danny’s absence, we will pick up the mantle and continue to guide them and teach them the values that Danny thought were so important in life.”

Danny Humble's father, Vaughan, speaks outside court

He continued: “We will never again hear his laughter, witness his love of life or that dazzling six-million-dollar smile. He was a beautiful, happy and contented person, loved and respected by all.

“What we will see, in our moments of quiet solitude and in the minutes before we sleep at night and when we wake in the morning, are the dreadful images and scenes of Danny being attacked and when defenceless, being punched, kicked and stamped to death.

“We will recall the vivid testimonies of the witnesses and their accounts of the noises that they heard on that fateful night.”

Mr Humble is survived by his parents, two children, partner and brothers.

A jury found Alistair Dickson, 18, of Hawkins Way, Blyth, guilty of murder.

Four others, Kyros Robinson, 18, of Woodside Avenue, Seaton Delaval, Ethan Scott, 18, of Chester Grove, Blyth, Bailey Wilson, 18, of Mitford Avenue, Blyth, and a 17-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were found guilty of manslaughter.

They were remanded in custody and will be sentenced in September.

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