Boss leaves employee needing life-saving surgery for brain bleed in drunken attack in Newcastle

Romas Kvedys was said to have got into arguments with members of the public after the attack. Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION

An employee had to have life-saving surgery for a brain injury caused by his boss in a drunken attack on a work night out.

The victim had only been working as a plasterer for Romas Kvedys for two days before the assault, which happened while a number of work colleagues were out drinking in Newcastle.

Newcastle Crown Court heard both victim and defendant were drunk when they began arguing on Blackett Street at about 9pm on June 23 last year.

Omar Ahmad, prosecuting, told the court the dispute escalated into assault, adding: "He was pushed against a wall, punched two times to the head then punched a third time, causing him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. He then appears to kick him on the ground."

Mr Ahmad said Kvedys also became involved in arguments with members of the public who were walking past while one passer-by stopped and helped the victim.

After being taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle, the victim was found to have a brain injury and bleeding on the brain which meant he needed life-saving surgery.

When Kvedys was arrested, he said he had no recollection of the attack as he had consumed seven pints and eight Jagerbombs. When shown the CCTV, he said he was shocked at what he had done.

In an impact statement the victim, who had no memory of the attack, described the ordeal as "very traumatic".

He said: "I have since experienced terrible headaches which can affect many personal and daily tasks.

"For a time I stayed in the house and didn't do anything due to fear and pain. It's affected my social life and I no longer go on nights out and have not got drunk since."He continued: "I get anxious in large crowds and I was not previously like this before the assault. I've become nervous and prone to mood swings since the incident.

"The assault has had a major impact on my life and day to day activities."

Kvedys, 34, of Trinity Court, Hull, pleaded guilty to inflicting GBH on 10 June.

Judge Stephen Earl said: "Once he [the victim] was pushed against the wall it's like a rat on a rabbit, he is not fighting back and he punched him three times. These were horrific injuries."

Christopher Knox, defending, said: "He is mortified about it, it's utterly disreputable. He was the person who gave the complainant a job."They don't work together anymore but the complainant has got back to work. It was not a kick to the head."

Kvedys was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday 8 July to 16 months in custody, suspended for two years, with 250 hours unpaid work and must pay £5,000 compensation

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