South Shields man attacks mother with boiling water and sugar mix over childhood grudge

The court heard how Gillan said: "You scarred me and I'm going to scar you" as he threw the boiling mix over his mother. Credit: NCJMEDIA SYNDICATION.

A son who said a childhood grudge led him to attack his mother with a mix of boiling water and sugar has been jailed.

Kieran Gillan, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, left his mother screaming in pain following the assault which was caused by resentment that he had ended up in care at eight years old.

Gillan was living with his dad after trying to rebuild his relationship with both parents.

The arrangement was working well until Gillan's mum moved in and his bitterness returned.

His mother said he frequently commented on his time in care and blamed her for how bad it was.

Newcastle Crown Court heard this came to a head on 24 November last year when he "felt a rush of sudden anger" against his mum.

Gillan punched his mum in the face several times leaving her with black eyes a split lip and mark to the nose.

The assault continued around lunchtime when having put on waterproof clothing Gillan filled a jug with boiling water and sugar.

Gillan threw the burning mix over his mother whilst she was in her room as he said: "You scarred me and I'm going to scar you."

His mother, who was initially too afraid to report the incident to the police or get medical help, screamed in pain and was left with 'ugly burns' to her face, neck, ear and chest.

The court heard she hid when officers first attended, and only came out when seven officers came to the house to arrest Gillan on another occasion.

In a victim impact statement, she said: "He has always blamed me for going into care at eight years old and blamed me more than his dad."I'm shocked and upset by what he did. It was bad enough anyone could do this but the fact it was my own son makes it much worse."

She continued: "It was totally unprovoked and over the top and there's no excuse for what he did, I think he needs help for his anger and aggression."I want nothing more to do with him. I'm frightened of him and couldn't trust him not to do something like this to me again or even to kill me. I believe he is capable of this with me."

While the victim's burns were said to have been superficial and healed well, she said she is self-conscious of them and the incident has left her traumatised.Gillan, who has previous convictions for assaulting former partners, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on 18 March this year.

Gavin Doig, defending, said: "He reacted, as he knows, in an appalling way for which he deserves punishment."

The 25-year-old also wrote a letter in which he expressed "deep regret".

He said: "After my mother arrived I couldn't cope, it seemed like I was crying non stop."

It was after months of pleading for his mother to get her own place as his parents were arguing that he said: "I finally broke and committed this awful crime".Gillan added: "None of this justifies the violence I used. I've lost my parents, they have been taken away from me all over again."

On Friday 15 July Gillan was jailed for four years and eight months, with an extended license period of a further two years and four months.

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