Drone footage shows wildfire damage in County Durham following record-breaking temperatures

Credit Tyne Tees
Record-breaking temperatures led to wildfires including one on the edge of Stanley, County Durham, which scorched the earth. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Drone footage shows the extent the extreme weather has had on our environment in the North East.

Record-breaking temperatures led to wildfires across the region including one on the edge of Stanley, County Durham, on Tuesday 19 July.

The fire raged into the night as 30 firefighters with five appliances tried to tackle it in gruelling temperatures in the mid-high 30s.

Ian Irving, from County Durham Fire and Rescue Service (CDFRS), described to ITV Tyne Tees what happened on Tuesday.

He said: "Firefighting on any normal day is difficult but obviously the conditions with temperatures above 35, the heat and terrain they were having to encounter to try and get access to these fires was very, very difficult.

"It was very, very punishing for crews who had to be rotated and hydrated regularly."

The fire service was stretched to the limit taking far more calls in than usual. Over the two-day heatwave the service attended 214 fires whereas normally it would go to about 50.

During the same period, the emergency room took nearly 400 calls.

Regions across the country are also experiencing wild fires due to the hot weather and dry conditions with Yorkshire and London being particularly badly affected.

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