Was Guy Pearce a good neighbour? Ramsay Street and Hollywood legend's links to Hartlepool

Pearce is part of the the Neighbours finale, which will be broadcast on 29 July. Credit: PA

An A-list cast has returned to Ramsay Street for the highly anticipated Neighbours finale, but will one of them ever get back to their unlikely Hartlepool roots?

Before Guy Pearce made his name on the Australian soap and went on to Hollywood stardom, he spent some of his formative years in the North East town.

The Memento and LA Confidential star's mother hails from Hartlepool and he spent time living there.

Pearce was born in Ely in Cambridgeshire, the son of an RAF test pilot Stuart Pearce and teacher Anne Cooking.

Before secondary school, he moved to Australia where he was cast in Neighbours in 1986.

He played the character of Mike Young.

When Pearce decided not to renew his contract his storyline involved his character Mike being in a motorbike accident. It was then written that he had left Erinsborough to be with his sick mother.

Alongside Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Margot Robbie, Pearce returns to the programme for its finale to be broadcast on 29 July.

In the teaser video he is seen reconnecting with his old love interest, Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones.

Global pop star Minogue and singer Donovan are seen in character standing in front of a car, resting on its bonnet, with his arm around her before the words ‘Will they get their happy ever after?’ appear on screen.

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