Former Royal Marine from North Shields to run marathon pulling Land Rover after run, swim and crawl

John Di Benedetto will be undertaking the challenge with his friends Neil Drew, Andrew Longstaff and Lee Morrison. Credit: RNLI

A former Royal Marine from North Shields will undertake an extreme exercise challenge to raise money for charity.

John Di Benedetto will embark on a 10-mile run carrying a fake-casualty on a stretcher, followed by a 1km swim, then a 1km commando crawl.

The 38-year-old will then pull a Land Rover for 26 miles - the length of a marathon.

The personal trainer is no stranger to extreme challenges and has previously completed the Three Peaks carrying a telegraph pole.

Mr Di Benedetto will undertake the challenge at the weekend with three friends, Neil Drew, Andrew Longstaff and Lee Morrison.

The four decided to challenge themselves in the name of mental health and are raising money for both Mental Health UK and the RNLI.

"We want to raise awareness for these two amazing charities, the RNLI and Mental Health UK. I think this is a great way to do it," said Mr Di Benedetto.

"It’s all about mental fortitude and challenging your mind. I believe in constantly challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone."

RNLI lifeguard supervisor, Sean Mills, said: “We are always exceptionally happy when people decide to fundraise for the RNLI.

"It’s great to see a local man taking on a challenge to support his local community. The RNLI relies on donations to carry on its lifesaving service across the UK.”

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