Parents of Robert Hattersley who drowned in River Tyne have windows smashed hours after funeral

The family of Robert Hattersley said their home was smashed just hours after his funeral. Credit: NCJ Media

The parents of a teenager who drowned in the River Tyne had the windows of their home smashed just hours after his funeral.

Robert Hattersley, 13, got into difficulty while swimming in the river near Ovingham, in Northumberland, with friends last month.

A major search operation was launched following his disappearance at about 4:15pm on 17 July and his body was later found in the water.

On Monday (8 August) his family said their final goodbyes at a funeral at Church of The Holy Spirit, in Crawcrook, Gateshead, where Robert lived with his parents.

But hours later, shortly after midnight, his mother and father, Stella and Carl Hattersley, were awoken by a loud noise and found three windows had been smashed.

Windows in their living room, a bedroom and door were all shattered and a brick was found inside the house.

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One of Robert's four older sisters, Emma, who lives in Grange Villa, County Durham, said she was "foaming" over the incident, adding: "Why would they do that to my mam's house after she's buried her son?"

The 24-year-old said the family had spent the previous day "celebrating his [Robert's] life like he wanted us to".

"My mam and dad were emotional," she continued. "The service for Robbie was upsetting but lovely.

"They were happy with everything they had done for Robbie, everything turned out amazing for him."

A car next to the house was also reportedly damaged while the 18-year-old girlfriend of another of Robert's sisters was injured by glass.

The family said windows were smashed in the living room, a bedroom and a door. Credit: NCJ Media

Robert's family reported the incident to police and officers attended at 3am.

Council workers then visited the property at 5am and boarded up the windows until they could be replaced.

Emma said her parents now feared a repeated attack and hoped those who were responsible would be brought to justice.

She also made a plea to anyone considering causing damage to be aware of the dangers.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said they received a report of a brick being thrown through a window in Crawcrook shortly after 1am on Tuesday (9 August).

They said: "It was reported that a female received several lacerations from the impact of the glass shattering and that a car parked near-by had also been damaged.

"The occupants are being supported by officers and CCTV from the area is being reviewed. Inquiries are ongoing into the incident."

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