Newcastle's top 10 parking ticket hotspots revealed

The number of fines has reduced when compared to 2018/19 figures, when more than 82,000 penalties were handed out.  Credit: PA

The top 10 Newcastle hot spots for parking fines have been revealed.

One town centre car park handed out a total of 2,500 parking fines to cars on the premises in one year.

According to new figures, there were 61,168 Parking Charge Notices issued across Newcastle in the last year - a total of £1.7m worth of toll payments to the local authority.

The number of fines has reduced when compared to 2018/19 figures, when more than 82,000 penalties were handed out. 

Civic centre transport chiefs said the reduction might be explained by new pay on exit systems in car parks that prevent people from overstaying once their ticket has expired.

The 2021/22 year also covers time when some Covid restrictions were still in place which may also contribute to the decrease

Dean Street Multi Story Car Park tops the list of the city's top 10 parking fine hotspots with just under 2,500 fines issued in 12 months.

The 2021/ 2022 hot list is:

  • Dean Street MSCP - 2,496 PCNs issued, totalling £52,641.15

  • Grainger Town MSCP - 2,354 PCNs issued, totalling £59,730.81

  • Eldon Square MSCP- 1,710 PCNs issued, totalling £29,800.92

  • Quayside MSCP - 1,232 PCNs issued, totalling £32,486

  • Stadium MSCP - 1,123 PCNs issued, totalling £24,509

  • Richardson Road - 1,106 PCNs issued, totalling £25,546.50

  • Eldon Garden MSCP - 1,074 PCNs issued, totalling £22,018

  • Clayton Street - 944 PCNs issued, totalling £29,068.17

  • Claremont Road car park - 892 PCNs issued, totalling £20,860

  • Rutherford Street - 748 PCNs issued, totalling £18,818.50

Coun Jane Byrne, Newcastle City Council's cabinet member for transport, said: "The vast majority of people who park in the city follow the rules and pay for their parking.

"We issue tickets to people who aren't paying their fair share or who are causing an obstruction for other road users.

"We're delighted that our new payment systems mean fewer people accidentally overstay, which is one of the reasons we are issuing fewer tickets in our multi-storey car parks.

"This has the added benefit that drivers only pay for the exact amount of time they stay in the car park, instead of paying hourly charges."

The council added that the income it receives from parking fines is used to fund parking provision in the city, with any profits being invested back into the highways network.

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