Morpeth Sean Paul mega fan who named dog after rapper gets tattoo of autograph

After calling her dog 'Shauna Paul', Suzanne Downs from Morpeth could not believe when she had the chance to meet her idol. Credit: Family photo

A mum who named her dog after rapper Sean Paul met him and got his autograph tattooed on her leg.

Suzanne Downs is a self-proclaimed Sean Paul mega fan owning plenty of memorabilia and even naming her German Shepherd 'Shauna Paul'.

When the Morpeth mum-of-four had the chance to see him in concert in Newcastle on Tuesday 23 August she could not wait, but she did not how lucky she would be.

Ms Downs said: "I just love him. He makes me giddy like a teenager. I love his music, I think it’s brilliant.

"I think some of the lyrics are hilarious and it's just all fun. They are all good tunes, I don’t think he’s got a bad song. 

"It’s just things like cups, keyrings, phone covers, I’ve got a towel with his face all over it. I had a suitcase cover when I went on holiday. 

"I’ve always liked his music but when I saw him live that’s when I fell in love with him.

"He’s quite funny and he is dead smiley, and he has got lush little dimples when he smiles."

She said her dog even recognises the music of her namesake. 

Suzanne Downs' dog Shauna Paul. Credit: Family photo

Ms Downs said: "I re-homed her when she was 13-months-old. She was called Snow and I was just trying to think of a new name and I came up with Shauna.

"He always says Sean de Paul, so I called her Shauna but now we call her Shaun-a Paul."

“Obviously I put the music on all the time and I was sat one time and she was looking out the window and Sean Paul came on and she turned her head and looked at me."

Ms Downs went to the concert with her sisters and never thought that she would have the chance to meet her idol.

Suzanne Downs and her sisters who went to the concert together. Credit: Family photo

During the warm up DJ set people were encouraged to throw clothes onto the stage and her sister Aimee threw her bra.

The DJ asked who had thrown the underwear and after her sister owned up to it, he invited her to come and meet Sean Paul backstage after the show.

Luckily Ms Downs was able to go along and meet him too.

Suzanne Downs told Sean Paul that she had named her dog after him. Credit: Family photo

She said: "I did tell him that I called my dog after him and he was just laughing.

"I asked him for the photograph, which he did, I cuddled him and then I asked for a photograph of just me because I already got one with my sister.

"He did that and then he sat back down and then I asked him for his t-shirt that he was wearing.

"He said 'no I need it.'

"I said 'can I have another cuddle because I probably never see you again.'"

During the meeting Ms Downs got the rapper's autograph and decided to get it tattooed on her leg the next day.

Suzanne Downs wanted to remember, the moment she met Sean Paul, forever. Credit: Family photo

She said: "Everyone at work is so pleased for me, that I met him and they have all said they are so happy for us.

"A couple of the blokes from work have said 'oh my god that is the worst tattoo I have ever seen' but I said 'I know but it means something to us', it is not supposed to be like the tattoos that everyone gets, it is how I wanted it, exactly how he had written it.

"Some people have laughed about it and think I’m mad, but I don’t care

"My eldest son thinks I am a bit crazy I think, he said it is the kind of thing you tell kids off for and my daughter, she is happy, she is like I cant believe you met him."

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