Man who only had a provisional licence jailed for killing grandmother in Gateshead crash

As the 25-year-old drove down Old Durham Road in Gateshead he failed to see Marion Whittaker crossing the street - colliding with her and causing fatal injuries. Credit: Northumbria Police

A provisional licence holder has been jailed after killing a grandmother while speeding through Gateshead.

Abobakr Mohammed got behind the wheel after drinking and smoking cannabis, and reached speeds of 77 miles per hour in a residential area with a 30mph speed limit.

As the 25-year-old drove down Old Durham Road, in Gateshead, he failed to see Marion Whittaker crossing the street, hitting her and causing fatal injuries.

The 55-year-old, from Bensham, died at the scene.

Mohammed, of Mardale Gardens, Gateshead, was jailed for six years and four months after admitting causing death by dangerous driving at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard how despite pleas from his friend not to, Mohammed made the choice to drive his car while under the influence of alcohol and cannabis on 25 November last year.

They also heard how despite requests from his front seat passenger who told him to slow down, Mohammed drove at speeds of no less than 77mph – all while using his mobile phone.

Sergeant Steve Armstrong, of Northumbria Police, said: “This is another sad case that reinforces a simple fact - our roads are not racetracks, and speeding can lead to devastating consequences.

“Mohammed knew he had not passed his test but got into the car whilst under the influence of alcohol and cannabis and willingly risked the lives of other road users and families living nearby."

He continued: “His decision that night to drive from Gateshead to Newcastle to get some food has cruelly resulted in Marion’s death, and her family and friends have had to live with the unimaginable pain ever since. Our thoughts remain with them as they continue to deal with their loss."

Sgt Armstrong added: “By flouting the laws of the road, which are there to ultimately protect all road users and save lives, you risk ruining more than one life forever.

“That’s exactly what has happened in this case, which was totally avoidable had it not been for the selfish actions of Mohammed.

"I hope this acts as a reminder to all motorists as to the potential risks of not complying with the law whilst driving a motor vehicle.”

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