Seasons at the allotment: August 2022

August 2022 continued the theme of much of the year - it was drier and warmer than the long term average.

High pressure dominated bringing long spells of dry and warm weather.

It ranks as the UK’s fifth warmest August on record with a mean temperature of 16.7°C.

The hottest temperatures were reserved for the south of the country - but almost everywhere saw heatwave conditions met at some point during the month.

For us that means three or more consecutive days above 25ºC.

August 2022 - another warm month. Credit: Met Office

Rainfall was also well down on average. We haven't seen a month with above expected rainfall since February.

Eastern areas saw some of the driest weather, with just a few showers breaking up a string of dry days.

August 2022 rainfall. Credit: Met Office

With August being the last month of meteorological summer we can get a clear view of what the 2022 season brought.

And again, we were looking at warmer and drier conditions.

It was provisionally the fourth warmest summer for the UK overall and the 10th driest.

Summer 2022. Credit: Met Office