Newcastle woman defends Chinese takeaway after getting mocked for posting omelette order on Tik Tok

Chantelle Quinn, from Newcastle, received a backlash on her Tik Tok video showing her takeaway order. Credit: Tik Tok

A woman from Newcastle has been mocked on social media for her Chinese takeaway.

Chantelle Quinn posted a Tik Tok video showing her "perfect" order of fried rice, spring rolls, chips, curry sauce and a ham omelette.

Since her post in July, users have not shied away from having their say on her choice.

Credit: Tik Tok

Some users wrote: "This is the ham sandwich equivalent to a Tesco meal deal."

"Where's the duck. Where's the noodles. Where's all the good stuff."

"Fifty shade of beige"

"Which part is Chinese"

However some liked the look of Ms Quinn's meal, commenting:

"I'm no gonna lie I'd eat that lol"

"Nah omelette is the best don't knock it"

"Don't knock a Chinese omelette till you've tried it....different level"

Ms Quinn defended herself online writing: "You do realise this is one of the order I get, too many people with too much time on their hands.

"Honestly why are people so bothered, it's an omelette, get over it.

"It's such a shame that you all have got that much time to comment on a Tik Tok with food that you aren't even eating."

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