North East royalists travelling to London to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II

Royalists in the North East have said they "wouldn't miss this for the world". Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Royalists in the North East have been making the journey to London to pay their respects following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many people feel that this period of mourning is their chance to say goodbye.

ITV News Tyne Tees spoke to people making the journey from Newcastle Station.

One woman said: "I wouldn't miss this for the world, this is the time when we have our last chance to say goodbye after all these years."

"A very sad trip, but a thank you, a thank you to the Queen."

Another woman said: "It's our chance to say goodbye to the Queen and hopefully we'll get to see the new King"

Another woman said: "It's monumentous really, it's history in the making and we feel we don't want to miss it, we want to be part of it."

One man said: "I did my oaths of allegiance as a cub, a scout, a police officer, as a member of her majesty's armed services and it has all been her oath effectively."

Another added: "I just really wanted to pay my respects, she's been a very dear person for the full country."

Another woman said: "I was actually shocked because she was on the television on Tuesday, and then that happened."

Becky Davidson, from Chester-le-Street, said she was very upset when she heard about the death of the Queen and felt she had to go down to leave her tributes at the palace.

  • Becky Davidson.

Anita Atkinson, who is a royal super-fan from County Durham, said: "I suppose it is the closure of a lifetime's dedication to the crown, for me I mean.

"It has been a whole lifetime, the Queen's been with us, obviously she was on the throne before I was born and I need to be there.

"I have been there already, I've been to London, I've laid flowers at Buckingham Palace and I need to go back for the final stages.

"I was there when the Queen Mother was lying in state, I stayed outside of Westminster Abbey for three nights and four days and I know what the queues are like.

"I know the length of time that it's going to take, probably longer this time, but I'm quite prepared for that."

  • Anita Atkinson

She added: "I've been saying for years, because I've been giving talks on the history of the monarchy for 41 years and part of that is obviously centred on Charles as the Prince of Wales.

"I've been saying to people for years, he's the most underestimated man on the planet and give him time and he'll make and excellent king.

"He's a caring man, he's a good man and he's looking out for us the same way his mother did, he has been doing that throughout his years as the Prince of Wales."

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