Artist re-shares video of 'goodbye' sand art tribute in memory of the Queen

A Northumberland-based sand artist has re-shared the video of her Queen portrait being washed away by the sea as a farewell to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Claire Eason, from Beadnell, had created the image of a postage stamp on Bamburgh Beach for the Platinum Jubilee.

As the sea washed her artwork away, it left all but the crown, which Ms Eason felt was poignant.

She said: "The unexpected way the sea claimed it really felt like a goodbye at the time.

"I didn't share it for the Jubilee as it wasn't celebratory.

"However, it felt right to mark the Queen's sudden passing as it was a natural continuation of my own work which seemed to reflect the continuity of her reign, something so many people have focused on."

Claire Eason had created the image of a postage stamp on Bamburgh Beach for the platinum jubilee. Credit: Soul2Sand

Ms Eason had filmed the art being washed away as a nod to the monarch being the ruler of an island nation.

She flew her drone out to sea to capture the moment but as she flew it inland the message of the image had changed.

She said: "I flew the drone out to sea as it felt quite intense watching it take away more of Her Majesty's face.

"As I flew back in, I could not believe the sea had spared the crown, perfectly. It gave me goosebumps looking at the symbol of continuity of the monarchy.

"I felt a sense of sadness, as we all knew that eventually we would have to say goodbye to Her Majesty. Just not this soon.

"I didn't share it during the Jubilee but wanted to acknowledge her passing. It was the natural end point of my tributes to her this year, and sharing it after her death, felt appropriate.

"For that reason, creating anything else to mark her Majesty's funeral would not feel as right."

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