Hartlepool bagpiper says 'thank you and goodbye' as he pays tribute to the Queen

A Hartlepool bagpiper has been playing a daily tribute to the Queen.

Chris Pearson has been on Hartlepool Headland since the death of the Queen to say a personal thank you.

Although he said he is not a devout royalist in the conventional sense, he felt compelled to do it for all the work she has done for charities throughout her reign.

On Monday 19 September he played at the Heugh Battery museum in Hartlepool in tribute to Her Majesty.

Chris Pearson said there is no better place in Hartlepool to play for the Queen than the Heugh Battery Museum. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

He said: "I wanted everywhere that I played to have a sentimental value and have that links to the queen.

"I think there’s no better place in Hartlepool than the battery museum.

"Today is my way of saying thank you and goodbye to the queen.

"She’s the only monarch that I’ve seen all the way through.

"It is going to be strange having a king, from now on the queen definitely has a place in the heart."

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