Hairy Biker Si King among 1,000 people to gather in Newcastle to protest cost of living

About a thousand people have rallied for action on the cost of living crisis in Newcastle.

Crowds gathered at Grey's Monument in the city centre to call for change, with chants of "enough is enough" echoing through the city centre.

The demonstration was part of nationwide protests on the day the energy price cap increased, for the second time this year.

Among those taking to the stand to speak was celebrity chef Si King.

The Geordie Hairy Biker took the opportunity to speak about his own experiences of struggling to make ends meet: He said: "I come from the same communities as the people under enormous pressure because of the cost of living crisis and it's painful and undignified.

"Proud families that work hard are being pushed into awful poverty. The levels of despair you feel when you can't make ends meet for your family and your household, it's not on..

"The system is broken and it's up to the people of the UK to fix it."

Celebrity chef Si King spoke to crowds who had gathered in Newcastle. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees.

People held up placards with slogans such as "freeze prices, not people" and "enough is enough" as members of the local community made speeches.

The government has said people are being supported with £400 for every household and the introduction of an energy price cap.

The government added that financial support is also available to businesses struggling with the rise in costs, with discounted bills on offer.

For many of those who attended the cost of living rally, it isn't enough to help those, most in need.

Volunteers from NUFC Foodbank were at the demonstration and said the service has been inundated with requests for support, as families who have never had to use the service before, struggle.

Lisa Doherty said: "Two parent families, each working 40 hour weeks on minimum wage can't make ends meet.

"They're getting referred to the foodbank. It's getting worse and worse and we need to do something."