Esh Winning widow gives birth to twins months after husband died in County Durham motorcycle crash

Hospital staff made sure Samantha Morris's photo of her late husband, Aaron, was always in view. Credit: NCJ Media

The wife of a motorcyclist who was killed in a crash has welcomed twin boys, three months after he died.

Aaron Morris died in County Durham on his wife Samantha's 28th birthday, just weeks after the couple found out they were expecting twins.

The 31-year-old had been so excited about their arrival that he booked an early scan to find out the gender of the babies, but he died before the appointment which took place a week after his funeral.

A gender reveal held at the site of the collision in Esh Winning, where Mrs and Mr Morris spent their final moments together, showed she was expecting the twin boys her husband had dreamed of.

Aaron Morris had been looking forward to the birth of his twins before he died. Credit: Durham Police

On Monday 17 October, she welcomed them into the world with a framed photo of their dad by her bedside.

Although earlier than expected, both Samantha and the boys, Aaron-Junior John Robson Morris and Ambrose-Ayren Morris, are said to be doing well.

Aaron-Junior was born at 7:55am, and arrived just as the neonatal team had got through the door.

Mrs Morris said: "Little Aaron came into the world very, very fast.

"He also came at staff handover time so he had double the amount of staff, so double the attention. Like his dad all eyes on him!"

His twin Ambrose was born by emergency C-section at 9:01am.

The pair were tiny, weighing 1 lb 12 and 2 lb 12, respectively.

Samantha thinks the babies' dad "sent them early" because she has been struggling. Credit: NCJ Media

Mrs Morris said: "Ambrose was happy to stay in until he was due so the doctors had to fight a bit to get him out, but he came into the world very loud for such a small baby letting us all know he was here.

"Loud and proud like his dad and also had to make a dramatic entrance into the world."

Her official due date was 11 January 2023 but she was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago due to high risk preterm labour.

She has been transferred between a number of hospitals, including the University Hospital of North Durham, James Cook University Hospital, Royal Preston Hospital, and Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Mrs Morris praised the staff at all hospitals for the care they have provided for her and her sons.

She said staff at James Cook University Hospital always made sure her photo of her husband was in view and made sure it was brought to theatre with her when she had to undergo a C-section.

Staff even made sure they got the boys' photos taken with their dad's photo.

Samantha has praised staff at the hospitals for the care they have provided for her and her sons. Credit: NCJ Media

Mrs Morris said she is "lucky" her husband created lots of videos for TikTok after racking up a huge following on the platform. She said the videos mean she will be able to play his voice to the boys.

She also owns a teddy bear which contains a voice recording of his saying "I love you so much" which is activated by squeezing the teddy. She said: "At least he can still them them he loves them."

Mrs Morris added: "My birth was always going to be hard but them coming at 27 weeks gestation has just added trauma.

"But Aaron always told me I was the strongest person he ever met and when things get hard I just remember him saying that and that's how I get through the really hard days.

"I think their dad sent them early because I've been really struggling. I think Aaron knew I needed something to focus on so he gave me our boys to focus on.

"All babies are special and precious but these twins are very precious little angels - not one, but two gifts from heaven.

"The boys will know how much they were wanted and how much me and their dad loved each other and that they are a symbol of that love."

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