Wayward wallaby rescued after going AWOL in Chopwell, Gateshead for 10 days

The mischievous marsupial was spotted in unfamiliar surroundings on 19 October. Photos of the rescue to follow shortly. Credit: CIA Christie

A wallaby spotted bouncing around Gateshead has been rescued.

The community and various wildlife agencies rallied together to rescue the marsupial after footage from the Chopwell area circulated online on Wednesday 19 October.

Just under 10 days later, it was found alive and taken to a veterinary surgery for treatment.

Reports suggest the exotic mammal was captured in the Runnymede Gardens area of the village at roughly 1am.

Those involved in the rescue say the currently unnamed wallaby sustained minor injuries. ITV News Tyne Tees has not been able to confirm its condition or whereabouts at the time of writing.

Agencies involved in the late night operation include Beast Watch UK, Blyth Wildlife Rescue (who confirmed the rescue) and a lost dog trapping team - who have been singled out for praise on social media.

More information and pictures of the rescued animal to follow.