Seasons at the allotment: October 2022

As we have become very used to this year October was another mild month.

For our region that means it is the seventh warmest on record.

The mild October means every month so far this year being warmer than average.

Another warm month Credit: Met Office

The first ten months of 2022 are the warmest on record, but will that mean it takes the top spot from 2014? We will wait and see what the last two months of the year bring us.  

Some higher ground in the west of the Tyne Tees region saw above average rainfall after the feed of cloud and rain from the Atlantic led to some heavy downpours.

But generally, when it came to rainfall, October was the second month in a row where we saw the right amount of rain. September and October follow on from six dry months, so we are still down on rainfall for the year as a whole.

An average month for rainfall for most Credit: Met Office

By the end of October, you’d expect rainfall amounts to be at 83% of their long-term average for the whole year.

For the UK, it’s currently at 67%, well short of where we would want to be.

Brighter in the east Credit: Met Office

While some western areas struggled for sunshine the east enjoyed a brighter than average October with up to a third more sunshine than the norm.