Mountain Rescue teams urge caution in heavy rain after driver rescued in Northumberland

The driver was safely rescued from the trapped vehicle Credit: @NNPMRT

Mountain Rescue teams are warning people to take extra care and precautions on the roads in the bad weather.

Heavy rain in Northumberland left the driver of a vehicle stranded in a beck near Wooler, on Thursday 17 November.

Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team - along with the county's Fire and Rescue Service - helped the driver to safety. But with further daily downpours expected, a reminder has been issued.

A spokesperson for Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team said: "As this incident shows, it doesn't take much water for a vehicle to become trapped. We ask the public to exercise caution when attempting to cross a ford or river when they are in spate.

Always seek alternative crossing points if the water level is above the ford, and if you are on foot, use a bridge. Do not enter the water. It doesn't take much to sweep a person off their feet either."

It comes after a heavy rainfall flooded the East Coast Mainline, which resulted in hundreds of passengers stranded at Newcastle Central Station on Friday.