Sam Fender announces he will be supporting Bruce Springsteen in Italy show

The 28-year-old broke the news to fans on his Facebook page by telling the story of when he first heard Springsteen's music. Credit: PA

North Shields singer songwriter Sam Fender has announced he will be supporting American rock icon Bruce Springsteen.

The 28-year-old broke the news on his Facebook page by telling the story of when he first heard Springsteen's music.

He wrote: "I’m thinking about the moment Bruce’s music first resonated with me. I was a teenager, in my brother Liam Fender's van that he used to gig with, loose baccy and the old green packets of golden Virginia all over the van, the smell of smoke, full of excitement, driving down to Manchester for some audition for God knows what.

"My brother whacks in the CD, turns the volume up, and the snare roll of Born to Run punched me in the face for the very first time.

"Something stirred in me that day - and I wish that I could bottle the feeling I had in that van, have a swig every now and then.

"I wouldn’t be what I am today without my brother, that music and those long rides in that janky little van."

Fender will accompany Springsteen for three shows in Ferrara on 18 May, Rome on 21 May and at the Monza racetrack on 25 July.

He also revealed plans for a headline show at the Fabrique arena in Milan on 23 May saying he was "excited" about the performance. Tickets go on sale on 30 November.

Fender rose to fame after performing in North East pubs and has gained critical acclaim over the past few years.

His success story boasts two number one albums, sold-out arena tours and multiple awards including NME's Best Album In The World Award 2022 for his album Seventeen Going Under.

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